Frequently Asked Questions

All our facilities are operative at the moment.Except for the discotheque, which, according to Order SND/507/2020 of 6 June, states that “a space intended for a dance floor or similar may not be devoted to its usual use”.

All our sanitary blocks are operative. Like the rest of the facilities, they have a reduced capacity. We count on your help to respect this capacity according to the instructions of your staff. Our strict cleaning protocols have been reinforced with the use of new products and an increase in the frequency of cleaning them.

Yes. For any questions you can consult the information provided by municipal and tourism services clicking here

Yes. It is opened during its normal hours. Here you can check the schedules

Control of capacity in the access: at the entrance, you will be given hydroalcoholic gel for hand disinfection.
The contact surfaces (sunbeds, shower buttons and floor) will be disinfected by our staff on a regular basis. There will also be the possibility tat each client can disinfect the sunbeds with products at their disposal before use.
Maintenance of water treatment protocols guarantee the quality of the bath water by carrying out several daily controls.
At the moment the maximum capacity is not reached. If at any time we have a higher capacity, we have prepared an application for prior reservation and access management 

Yes. Outdoor activities and groups of maximum 30 people will be encouraged. Check our weekly program HERE

Hydroalcoholic gels have been installed in all accesses
Points have been marked to respect social distance throughout the premises.
Capacity has been defined in the facilities.
Cleaning porotocols have been tightened
Use of masks where the safety distance cannot be maintained
Training for employees in preventive measures and new work methods
Check our informative dossier HERE

We have reinforced our cleaning system, the bungalows are ventilated during 24 hours from the last stay and then it is thoroughly cleaned with approved COVID neutralizing products. The dishes will be cleaned in the dishwasher at more than 60°.All bedding and towels are cleaned at more than 60°, the guarantee is total.


The acces of visits will depend on the occupation and capacity of the movement.Check with our reception department

Yes, the supermarket is open every day of the week including holidays.
Check them HERE.
Yes, there will be an assisted buffet.The service will be offered by kitchen staff where different options of dishes will be included. We rely on your collaboration to follow the instructions of our staff

Yes, they have been operative since June 15. Always respecting the capacity, the safety distance and the instructions of our staff.A class reservation and access system has been established.More info and reservation of classes HERE

Yes, it is operative during normal hours. During the journey, the use of a mask will be mandatory as it is not possible to maintain the social distance. You can check the schedules on our website by clicking HERE
Due to the OM from May 20 its use is mandatory in all public places where social distancing cannot be maintained. Therefore, its use in the supermarket and in some areas will be mandatory. Its use in the clients plot or bungalow will not be compulsory. Nor will its use on the streets be compulsory unless it is very crowded
Yes, they are open at normal hours. Always respecting maximum capacity, safety distances and following the recommendations of our staff. Check the schedules HERE.
Yes, they are open at normal hours. Always respecting maximum capacity, safety distances and following the recommendations of our staff. Check the schedules HERE

The work of the amphitheatre is quite advanced, but due to this situation its construction had to be stopped and it will not be possible to finish on time